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The Elephant in the Room

If you work with people, you have seen The Elephant in the Room, the unresolved issues that keep growing until they become unmanageable.

This is the reason why teams don’t work efficiently, people seem disengaged, managers are overwhelmed and organizations don’t know how to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Dealing with The Elephant in the Room requires a different set of skills than managers or team leaders usually have. We call it Elephant Whispering because confronting the elephant head-on will have a negative impact. You have to step out of the elephant’s way, consider the situation and coax it out of the room.

The pandemic has shown us that world is interconnected, Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (iVUCA, for short), and that we need more tools and skills to deal with each one of our elephants.

Marcela and her team, Elephant Whisperers and Organizational Consultants, want to help you and your team talk about the things that people don’t dare to discuss. Let’s find The Elephant in the Room and stop feeding it more power.

As Elephant Whisperers, we are committed to improving organizations and helping teams and leaders be more productive. We use organizational development and design tools that help teams work better.

Over the last decade, we have been helping managers develop high performing teams both as internal consultants and as an external consultants.

Let us help you improve the way your organization works.